"The DUCC" - BST Collaboration Pre-order by Rain City Skills and Throw Co. **Pre-order**

$40.00 USD

You want a Ducc?  Because this is how you get a Ducc.  You exchange currency for the vague promise of a Ducc appearing in your mailbox at an indeterminate point in the future.  

I decided rather than do a small batch of prototypes and make everyone wait, I'd just open it up to pre-order.  I figure y'all helped design it, you get to test it if you want.

If we top 50 pre-orders I throw something extra in the box.

If we top 100 pre-orders I'm going to do something crazy.  No idea what yet, but it'll be something.


Pre-order will be live until May 20th.  Price is $40.  This will include the Ducc, the sticker, some sort of novelty lego pieces and a squeaky rubber ducky.


*Note, the image shown below is a computer rendering.  The actual yoyo will be anodized in the colours of a duck.  We hope.  At this point I don't trust anodizers, so roll the dice like the rest of us ;)


Your Ducc will ship when it is recieved from the machine shop, I estimate 4-6 weeks.