Rain City Skills - NMTBS Prototype

$59.99 USD

The NMTBS is the result of a rather chaotic afternoon.  15 people from the facebook group "Yoyo BST&Talk" wanted to design a yoyo for the community.  A group chat was started and a miraculous 4 hours later 15 people had agreed on a design!

Each designer received a prototype to test, but I made a couple extras.  The production run (when it happens) will be significantly different, so if you want to grab one of this edition for your collection, now is your chance!  
The price does not reflect the eventual production price.  It reflects me needing to move these to free up funds to create more yoyos!

There is 1 un-engraved, the other 3 have a fun custom engraving!

Material - Bimetal 6061 Aluminum with Plated stainless steel rings


Width        42.7mm
Diameter   56.9mm
Weight       65.9

*Note - one flaw that will be fixed on production is a tight bearing seat.  There is a possiblity that repeated unscrewings will introduce vibe.  This is being sold as a collector piece, so keep this in mind when purchasing.