Rain City Skills - BEHgleri special edition

$65.00 USD

When I originally ordered the BEHgleri I set aside a handful of beads to send to the Anodizing master, MonkeyfingeR Ray.  He worked his magic and here they are for you!  There will not be more, so grab them while you can!


The BEHgleri

This design was created through a series of polls as a community design in the facebook group "Begleri Enthusiasts Hangout (BEH)"
The design is a solid bead titanium.  This run will be raw (non-anodized) titanium.  

Part of the design process included the community deciding it looked like a hamburger.  So to have some fun with that, the beads will ship in a hamburger zip case for carrying them around.  They will also come with 'mustard' and 'ketchup' coloured "Bumperz" o-rings installed from MonkeyfingeR Design.

Finally, each set will ship with a pair of stickers designed by Chris McCauley and Braindeef from the BEH.