MonkeyfingeR Design - Tiki Rollers

$55.00 USD

The TikiRollerz allows you to convert any of existing (and future) MFD begleri into a knuckle roller toy, and back again! Two toys in one, baby!

As with all things MonkeyfingeR, the TikiRollerz come in some crazy colours that are good enough to eat, although we don’t recommend doing that (we tried, and it’s a bit tough on the teeth). There are five different delicious colours to choose from!  Each box comes packed in the usual MonkeyfingeR fashion.  Here is what you'll get in your box.

  • A TikiRollerz with some sweet colours.
  • One set of either Ape Grapes or KOKOnutz (your choice) in matching colours.
  • Tools and parts for connecting both aluminium 7075 and Titanium MFD begleri beads.
  • MFD pouch to protect your investment.
  • Sticker pack.

I know that sounds like quite a bit, and it is! Yet, we still somehow manage to squeeze all that into our little boxes.