Vosun Leopard - Terrance Wang signature

$44.99 USD

The latest release is the signature yoyo of 2018 Canadian 4a yoyo champion Terrance Wang. When he isn't pulling off crazy Soloham tricks he's blazing trails in 1a!

The Lepoard is a carefully crafted bimetal throw designed to keep up south Terrance as he pushes the limits of yoyo play. 

In Terrance's words

"I like the Leopard because it is a solid throw, yet feels light to the player. The spin time and stability makes intricate string tricks and rejections easier because the yoyo moves smoothly with little effort. The light weight makes transitions between tricks easier. Overall, it’s a great competition throw!"

Diameter (mm) 55
Width(mm) 43
Weight(g): 64.5
Gap Width (mm) 4.5
Bearing Size Center Trac
Gap Type Fixed
Axle 10mm SUS304