Monkeyfinger Design - Voodoo Edition Ape Grapes and Kokonutz

$45.00 USD

It has been a while since the release of new MFD products and the time has finally arrived.  We took a hard look at the original begleri from ancient Greece.  Left the idea with Cranky and what he came up with surprised us all!  He returned with a whole new look and a darker angle.  He managed to shrink down both the Ape Grapes and KOKOnutz VooDoo style to make them stackable.  It’s the foundation feature of our new VooDoo series.  The new VooDoo begleri's are designed to click and clack just like the originals from ancient Greece.  Still 100% compatible with our weight system MonkeyBARs.  The VooDoo series is even stackable with our original releases for those that want the heaviest of precision play!

Each box is packed to the brim with slinging goodness!  

  1. 4 x VooDoo beads (ape grapes OR KOKOnutz)
  2. 3 x MonkeyCHORDS
  3. Split-B pouch
  4. MonkeyfingeR stickers
  5. 4 x Bumperz with the KOKOnutz

This new design gives the customer 4 beads with each set consisting of 2 pairs of matched beads!  This gives you some colour combinations to play with, and when combined with MonkeyBarz you are essentially getting 2 sets of begleri for the price of one!


21mm long/30mm stacked pair
19mm wide at the widest point
6.9g per bead

Ape Grapes
14mm long/29mm stacked pair
19mm wide
6.7g per bead