MonkeyfingeR Executive Apes

$29.99 USD

MonkeyfingeR Design has been hard at work pushing the boundaries of perfection.This is a top of the line and unique begleri made from delrin and stainless steel. With the top section of the begleri being made of delrin means that this begleri can take quite a bit of abuse and not show wear and tear. On the bottom where the delrin and the stainless steel meet on a curve, you can see the amount of work and precision that was put into making the Executive Apes. The Executive Apes also feature a new smaller sized Bumperz which offer extra protection. Each Bumperz pack contains 4 rings of each colour. Each pack contains 48 Bumperz. The Executive Apes come packed with:2 coloured beads resting in foam backing4 matching Bumperz3 monkeyCHORDs 550,375 and 275Split-B pouch3 stickers A custom MonkeyfingeR begleri box.Don't forget to click here to grab a set of MonkeyBarz to customize your weight options!