Aroundsquare - End Caps, Micro Standard, Micro Hydra -Hardcore accessories

$9.99 USD

NOTE: Accessory only - not intended as a stand-alone begleri setThese beads are part of the Hardcore Gut System, which allows players to customize the weight and feel of their begleri. While it is possible to string these up and play with them as begleri, it is not an optimal experience and is not recommended. These have been designed to be used with the larger begleri beads flagged as "Hardcore Compatible". This currently includes: Everyman Copper, Everyman Brass, Everyman Stainless, Everyman AL Hardcore series, as well as the Everyman Delrin and Everyman Silicone beads sold individually. Weights of the Hardcore Gut System beads are as follows: End Caps (2-pack)Stainless end cap 9.3g. Micro Standards (2 pack)Stainless Micro Standard 7.6gBrass Micro Standard 8.1gCopper Micro Standard 8.5gMicro Hydras (6 pack)Stainless Micro Hydra 3.1gBrass Micro Hydra 3.3gCopper Micro Hydra 3.4gStack of all three Micro Hydras 9.8g (total weight of 6-pack is 19.6g)